Ros J

Empowerment Coach

Ros J helps women to help themselves, to feel more confident and achieve their personal and professional goals.

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I teach businesses how to make the right changes that will boost EMPLOYEE MORALE AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION! For businesses willing to do what it takes, the rewards include a more loyal customer base, a happier and more productive workforce, and a business model others want to emulate.
And I work with women and men who are sick and tired of being sick and tired – people who are ready to take their lives into their own hands.
Transformation takes commitment – a NEW RECIPE. Coach Ros will HELP YOU TO HELP YOURSELF learn a new, better way to live a life you enjoy each and every day. The reward for INVESTING IN YOU is a more CONFIDENT AND SUCCESSFUL YOU!
Rest assured, your newfound confidence and success will carry over to every area of your life, helping you in the workplace and your home base.

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How much do you want. . .
    • To take your career to the next level?
    • Launch or grow your own business?
    • Become financially free?
    • Go through life brimming with confidence?
    • Conquer your fears?
When you reach that pivotal point where want is not enough and MUST change is the only option, give Coach Ros a call!


Coach Ros gives her all to everything she does. Coach Ros is NOT A THERAPIST. Therapy focuses only on where you have been. Coach Ros does not give you the answers. What she does do is HELP YOU TO HELP YOU by guiding your thoughts to focus on what YOUR TRUTH is from where you've been (the road you have traveled), what you’ve learned from being on that road, and where your life is headed. She is here to best serve you as you uncover your own truth. You can then learn to soar and turn your own real-world education into stepping stones to a better career, better business, better life, better every day and a BETTER YOU!


No matter the obstacles on the road ahead, I am a “get’r done and results accomplished” person. That’s how I do everything in life, including in my successful banking career where I've served as Team Leader for Wells Fargo and Loan Administration and Compliance Manager as well as Vice President at Union Bank, among other roles.
I take it personally! Therefore, as your coach I PERSONALIZE MY APPROACH TO FIT YOUR SITUATION to get you the results you seek. My philosophy to success in any endeavor is simple, and I summarize it in the form of a question:


“WANT” in life is simply not enough to get you from where you are¬–to where you want to be. If you want results, you must make changes and take steps to get there. Are you willing to tell yourself the truth?
When you have had enough of living in your current situation and your desire for growth becomes a must, contact me. Through my coaching and programs, I will guide you through the process that will open new doors and opportunities for you personally, professionally and in every major area of your life!
My coaching focuses on helping you get the results you’re ready to achieve including:
  • Self Confidence;
  • Self-Respect;
  • Independence;
  • Freedom; and ultimately. . .
  • Becoming an Unstoppable Force Personally, Professionally and in Everyday Life!
My workshops and programs are filled with excitement, humor and real-life examples. Ready for a fuller life? Contact me now!
– Ros J

Ready for a fuller life?

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