Rosalind Johnson is an Author, a Professional Speaker, a Life Strategist and the CEO of TRUTH Communications, a company she launched to help businesses reach the next level and to help people (especially women) soar both personally and professionally. A lifelong learner who endeavors to inspire and encourage everyone she meets, Rosalind has served as a leader in the banking industry for over 30 years, holding key positions including Manager and Vice President. She is recognized as the Queen B.E.E. – Banking Efficiency Expert – and an innovative expert in customer care. Ros values the professional side of life, and she equally embraces the personal side, knowing that there is more to a person than what one does to make a living. Passionate about empowering others, she teaches individuals how to live a fulfilling, balanced life. Having overcome many challenges, including being a teen mom and suffering from low self-esteem in her younger years, Ros draws from her own experiences to show others how to soar. Her background enables her to relate to people from all walks of life, from mom-and-pop entrepreneurs struggling to run their small businesses to high-level executives seeking personal fulfillment. Of special importance to Ros is empowering women to be all that they desire to be.

Exclusively for members of the Banking Industry and Credit Unions.
Ros will help maintain your current culture while tapping into her more than 30 years of big bank management experience to maximize your potential!


Ros is the real deal and she’ll tell it to you straight! The only way to get results is to first get real with yourself. Regardless of what you want to improve – your current status, the future of your business, or the health of your personal life, to name a few areas – you must be willing to take a hard, honest look at your life. Are you ready to make an investment in your future in order to enjoy a return? Without an investment, you won’t get a return. Ros can help you assess where you are and what you must do to get that return you want.


Some of the best, most informative instruction is learned through life experiences. Rosalind has “been there, done that” in countless situations. Whether in the workplace or in everyday life, she has lived through obstacles that have given her the strength to persevere and rise above difficulties. She has walked a mile (and then some) in quite a few challenging shoes, and she knows personally that “it takes one to know one.” Thus, she has powerful firsthand knowledge of what it takes to experience a changed life in business, the corporate world and everywhere else – and in everyday life. “I’m not sure who said it first, but I can vouch that there is no gain without first experiencing some pain! I also know it to be true that every teacher is a student first. It took me many years to realize that all the struggles I endured on my path were not in vain, as I was being taught by my difficult life experiences so I could one day reach out and give a gift to others. Today I feel privileged to share with you valuable lessons gained from adversity.” A teenage mother. A business executive. A leader in the banking industry. An entrepreneur. Through life wisdom earned from the school of hard knocks, Rosalind fully understands WHY humans do what we do! After many years of working through her own personal, professional, financial and spiritual struggles, she gets it. Today she shares her hard-earned knowledge with you. Let Ros empower YOU and, in turn, ignite your business, professional life, marriage, parenting, and any area of your life for you to be everything you can be!

Coaching   Ros Johnson – Female Empowerment Life Coach